Rowing in shifts: two hours rowing, two hours rest, all day and night, every day, for at least two months. That’s the challenge we need to meet to row across the Atlantic Ocean and raise money for a cause close to our hearts; St Christopher’s Hospice.

St Christopher’s helps people live their lives to the full, supporting them and their families through terminal illness. Based in South East London, the world-renowned hospice has a teaching programme that shares its expertise with people caring for the dying and bereaved across the UK and also around the world; helping to shape the way that we are all cared for at the end of life.

To support the hospice, we will be rowing 3,000 miles, with all our supplies and equipment on-board, and no contact with the world except the occasional satellite phone call. The physical training is arduous, but the mental preparation for one of the toughest challenges in sport is probably the biggest hurdle. Help us make it worthwhile.

Message from Heather Richardson, Joint Chief Executive at St Christopher’s Hospice:

“We are thrilled and amazed that James, 59, and his two sons Joe, 18, and Hugo, 22, are supporting St Christopher’s by rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic!  Their super-human efforts will help us make a real difference – both through our practical care and training for other professionals and carers - to lots and lots of people who are struggling with the challenges of death, dying and loss.

Good luck, and bon voyage!”

Heather Richardson

Joint Chief Executive, St Christopher’s Hospice


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