New Enquiries

The Transatlantic Traffords are in the process of sourcing sponsorship for their venture, which is vital to the campaign's success. Support includes both financial investment as well as donation of goods and services. There are many sponsorship options available, details of which are available on request.

Brand Exposure


The race itself offers enormous opportunity for brand exposure before, during and after the challenge, with wide ranging international media coverage including a Sky Sports documentary. 2016 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge


PR Summary:

Total reach 20.1 million

Total video views 3.7million

People who have reacted to content (likes, shares etc) 1.2 million

80.2 million people have watched the TV documentary

Total PR value (advertising value of all press coverage) £6.7 million


The Transatlantic Traffords will increase brand exposure in the following ways:

Sponsors branding/logos on clothing and the boat to be worn/shown during the race and at all pre and post-race press events.

Social media – from the team via their own Twitter, Facebook feeds as well as via the social media of race organisers and our charity St Christopher's.

Media campaigns – interviews and articles in local and papers, magazines, TV and radio.


Brand Perception

Your brand may benefit from association with a large international sporting event which is gaining popularity year on year as well as association with St Christopher's, an important and well respected UK charity.


Pre and Post-Race Briefings, and Corporate Presentations

The team will be available for pre and post-race corporate events or briefings. We can provide a presentation of our venture to your staff or associates at any event of your choice.


Individuals – Friends of the Transatlantic Traffords

We are also looking for individuals or small business to support the venture. Any individual donations received over £250 will be listed by name or business on this page as well as written onto the boat ready for the crossing.

Our Sponsors

We are hugely grateful to:


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